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October 30th, 2006

offtype.jpg has taken their online art creator software and created Google gadget. Sweet!

This is cool!
1. registration: There is no registration! Sweet!
2. Use: There is no need for instructions, it’s that easy to use.
3. Hosting: The art that you create and save is hosted by so you can display it anywhere.

This is OK!
1. Features: One feature from the original online art program is missing in the widget (fine tune color selector)
2. Google: Google gadgets are cool but at times I think too limited in customizations.
3. Code: This widget uses Javascript. Only certain blog hosts allow Javascript. (sorry MySpace users)

This is a bummer!
1. Customizations: Having width and height options that result in scroll bars on a widget is pointless. Especially with this widget. This is a Google Gadget fault, not
2.Brush options: I wish there were more brush options such as square, star, triangle etc…
3. Help: There is no help page of FAQ page for the noobies out there. Either on the Gadget page or

I love this widget. I had found one earlier but it was on a Japanese page and my Japanese is very rusty. The best feature of this widget is the save and host free option. So simple, almost too simple. Enjoy! also has a version of their art program for download and installation. It offers the same great free hosting.–An erie view of your blog visitors.

October 30th, 2006 has a widget that displays where your blog visitors come from. This is their geographic location displayed using a Google Map API. As you can see by the URL, the parent site is They also have other widgets that I will review later.

This is cool!
1. Appearance: The widget has clean lines defined by 1px. solid borders. Custom title option is available. There is a vertical list (up to 25) of city/country locations linked. There is also a link to
2. Size: The default size (150 px width) fits nicely into the small sidebars.
3. Code: The code for this widget is somewhat editable. Border, background and link/text colors appear to be changeable as well as font sizes and actual widget width.

This is OK!
1. Code: This is a Javascript which limits where it can be placed. (sorry MySpace users) This code needs to be a Javascript because it is updated in real time.
2. Registration: The only reason I can see for registration is your personal map page. When someone clicks on your widget you are taken to another page where your mapstat map is located.
3. Purpose: It’s fun to show your readers that you have visitors from Norway and Colombia.

This is a bummer!
1. Function: This is OMG scary to a point. You can use the Google map to zoom in on your visitors location. Then switch to satellite view and you can tell if they have a pool or live in an apartment. Bye Bye any privacy.(satellite map is not real time)
2. Registration: The registration sucks! I had to register my blog and pick categories that it belonged to etc. Your blog has to be a certain number of days old and if for some reason you mis-categorize your blog you may get deleted. Thanks F’n Spammers!
3. Codes: As far as I could tell, you are required to install two (2) Javascripts on your page. WTF? Seems like alot of BS just to show where my visitors surf the net from.

I think it’s an OK widget for those that want to show this type of info on their blog. I think the “getting the widget” process needs to be streamlined quite a bit before you’ll see widespread use. A new way to code this so it works for Javascript banned sites is needed as well.

Screen shot
mapstats screenshot

For a limited time you may see a working mapstats widget in my sidebar.

They like Widgets Lab enough to write a post

October 28th, 2006 editor Colbert Low found Widgets Lab to be worthwhile enough to post about it. Thanks Colbert!

Here is a bit of what he had to say:

…a blog dedicated to finding some incredibly useful and cool blog widgets–you know, those little things we love to plug into our sidebar in order to make the blog more… widgets lab post


October 28th, 2006
Feeling underpaid and you don’t know what to do about it?

You could corner your boss and demand a raise using threats and coercion. This approach may get you terminated.

You could take a different approach. One that is more subtle and yet maybe more effective. You may even keep your job. has salary graphs. These salary graphs cover a wide range of occupations and list different sub categories within each profession. Using a salary graph from might get you the raise you desire. If not, you may get your boss thinking about your creativity and he may reward you in the future.

Comparing data found on trusted sources such as and with the data supplied from, is a smart move. This ensures that you have the proper information when you most need it.

This is cool!
1. Graphs: The graphs are easy to read and understand.
2. Website: Easy to navigate. Not cluttered like Widgets Lab. (ha ha)
3. Widget: The salary graph widget is clean and easy to read.

This is OK!
1. HTML code: The salary graph widget is in HTML. This means just about any blog platform will display it. Even MySpace!
2. Register: You can register to create your own salary graph.
3. Email: Your salary graph is also available to be emailed to anyone that you want including your boss.

This is a bummer!
1. Customizations: The only way to customize the size and color options of the widget, is editing the widget code itself.
2. Anonymous: There is no real way to anonymously inform your boss about this salary graph. You’re busted!
3. Skin: There is absolutely no nudity in this widget. All good widgets need some nudity of some sort.

Here is my salary graph. (can somebody send my boss a link?)

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