The Wallstrip widget.

October 16th, 2006 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

The Wallstrip widget…perfectly simple. (get it here)

No need to customize…because it’s not gaudy.

Here we have a widget that links to video. As Wallstrip creates more video’s (one a day) the widget is updated to reflect the current day’s “strip”


Another awesome feature… when you click to watch the “strip” it opens in a medium sized (1/4 screen here) embedded viewer. This is not another tab or window. What happens is, the page on which you clicked this widget turns into a semi darkened background and the “strip” takes focus.

This is key to keeping your site visitors on your site! We all hate those widgets that bring our readers “somewhere else”. Your experienced readers will allways be back but those net newbies (we love so much) sometimes get lost. That is why this type of widget is so important.

If only all widgets followed a “widget standard”.

This is a javascript widget
Fits in a 200px sidebar (may fit smaller)
Not a bandwidth hog
Keeps visitors onsite

This is a screen image of the Wallstrip widget that I have in my sidebar.


Click here to get the widget or video embed codes!

Click there to watch todays Wallstrip

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