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Video in any format is the way to go. As evidenced in a recent Google aquisition, YouTube. Thousands of people are creating and uploading video content to the Internet. Millions of people are watching video on the Internet. Video is viral ! If you have a video camera (digital) and maybe some editing software, you could be the next movie director of the moment.

The key: Uploading your video to one of the many video hosting sites is a very simple process. Getting your video in front of the eyes of millions of watchers may be a bit more difficult. Promoting your video is the key. Tell people about it. Don’t just say “Hey, Bob, I just uploaded a video you should watch.” Make Bob want to see your video. Make Bob want to share your video with his other friends. This is viral video.

I consider “Embedded Video” a widget. Others may not. Video lets your users/readers view something other than text. If they smile or laugh, they will tell others and they will come back.

Putting your video or any video on your blog is very easy. The major video hosting sites give you easy access to the code needed for putting video on your blog. They want you to do this because it brings more people to video. (more users=more$$)

Find or create and upload a video. Video hosting Revver.com YouTube.com
After you have done this, look for the “Put this video on your website” section. It’s generally easy to find. Copy all of the code using your computer copy functions. Now paste this code into your text editor(word pad, note pad etc…)
Decide whether to put the video in a blog post or in your blog sidebar.
Now log into your blog editor, blog dashboard etc…

Blog post:Write your text telling the reader why they should watch this video. Put in a couple of spaces. Then paste your video code into the same window as your text. Publish. It’s that simple! Welcome to Hollynetwood!

Blog sidebar:This is a bit more complicated but don’t be alarmed, you’re not going to wreck anything.(trial and error) Go to the HTML editor portion of your Dashboard. Select all of your Template/HTML code (blog platforms vary) and copy/paste to a blank page text editor(word pad, note pad etc…for safe keeping) Now you need to find the location in the dashboard HTML editor that corresponds with the area on your blog that you want the video. Don’t place the video code in the middle of another group of code! Look for HTML tags that have &lt/ at the begining. place your code after these but before HTML tags that start like this &lt . The HTML with the slash indicates the end of a portion of code. Without the slash indicates the begining of a portion of code.

Try it! Preview it! If everything is screwed up undo the changes or replace your screwed up code with the copy you made earlier.

There is an example of a video in my sidebar…check it out!

Here is an example of a video in a post.

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