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October 25th, 2006 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Google has released a “Create your own search engine” widget. Google Co-op

This is cool!
1. Search select: You get to select the sites that get searched. This shows you how valid your site is in the “Googlesphere”.
2. Color selection: Links, text and border colors on your results page are customizable.
3. Logo: Upload a custom graphic to be displayed on your results page. This “logo” can be a link as well.

This is Ok!
1. Javascript: Google Co-op widget uses javascript. This limits where it can be installed. (some blog hosts restrict javascript)
2. Adsense: Google Adsense ads are allowed on your results page. This allows you to make 1$ more this year.
3. Results format: Your search results page follows the typical Google layout. Simple and not cluttered. Users know where they are.

This is a bummer!
1. Results page: Only Google Adsense is allowed. (not shocking)
2. Results page: Opens in same window/tab. This takes visitors away from your site.
3. Google account: You need a Google account to set up and use this widget.

Having a “create your own search engine” widget is cool. There are limitations in the functions and custom settings but for now it seems to be an easy to use widget. I would tell anyone to give it a try and also to try out Eurekster. It’s always good to have the ability to compare apples to apples.

Here is Widgets Lab Search. Give it a try!

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