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Feeling underpaid and you don’t know what to do about it?

You could corner your boss and demand a raise using threats and coercion. This approach may get you terminated.

You could take a different approach. One that is more subtle and yet maybe more effective. You may even keep your job. has salary graphs. These salary graphs cover a wide range of occupations and list different sub categories within each profession. Using a salary graph from might get you the raise you desire. If not, you may get your boss thinking about your creativity and he may reward you in the future.

Comparing data found on trusted sources such as and with the data supplied from, is a smart move. This ensures that you have the proper information when you most need it.

This is cool!
1. Graphs: The graphs are easy to read and understand.
2. Website: Easy to navigate. Not cluttered like Widgets Lab. (ha ha)
3. Widget: The salary graph widget is clean and easy to read.

This is OK!
1. HTML code: The salary graph widget is in HTML. This means just about any blog platform will display it. Even MySpace!
2. Register: You can register to create your own salary graph.
3. Email: Your salary graph is also available to be emailed to anyone that you want including your boss.

This is a bummer!
1. Customizations: The only way to customize the size and color options of the widget, is editing the widget code itself.
2. Anonymous: There is no real way to anonymously inform your boss about this salary graph. You’re busted!
3. Skin: There is absolutely no nudity in this widget. All good widgets need some nudity of some sort.

Here is my salary graph. (can somebody send my boss a link?)


  1. Derek,

    Two comments: 1) I really like that you consider Payscale a trusted source for salary data. Thanks! 2) Indeed does not use our salary data or algorithms to power its widget.

    We do like widgets: keep an eye on our site for upcoming announcements.

  2. Thank you Al.
    First for your comment
    Second for the correction. I have edited the post to reflect the proper information.

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