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October 30th, 2006 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply » has a widget that displays where your blog visitors come from. This is their geographic location displayed using a Google Map API. As you can see by the URL, the parent site is They also have other widgets that I will review later.

This is cool!
1. Appearance: The widget has clean lines defined by 1px. solid borders. Custom title option is available. There is a vertical list (up to 25) of city/country locations linked. There is also a link to
2. Size: The default size (150 px width) fits nicely into the small sidebars.
3. Code: The code for this widget is somewhat editable. Border, background and link/text colors appear to be changeable as well as font sizes and actual widget width.

This is OK!
1. Code: This is a Javascript which limits where it can be placed. (sorry MySpace users) This code needs to be a Javascript because it is updated in real time.
2. Registration: The only reason I can see for registration is your personal map page. When someone clicks on your widget you are taken to another page where your mapstat map is located.
3. Purpose: It’s fun to show your readers that you have visitors from Norway and Colombia.

This is a bummer!
1. Function: This is OMG scary to a point. You can use the Google map to zoom in on your visitors location. Then switch to satellite view and you can tell if they have a pool or live in an apartment. Bye Bye any privacy.(satellite map is not real time)
2. Registration: The registration sucks! I had to register my blog and pick categories that it belonged to etc. Your blog has to be a certain number of days old and if for some reason you mis-categorize your blog you may get deleted. Thanks F’n Spammers!
3. Codes: As far as I could tell, you are required to install two (2) Javascripts on your page. WTF? Seems like alot of BS just to show where my visitors surf the net from.

I think it’s an OK widget for those that want to show this type of info on their blog. I think the “getting the widget” process needs to be streamlined quite a bit before you’ll see widespread use. A new way to code this so it works for Javascript banned sites is needed as well.

Screen shot
mapstats screenshot

For a limited time you may see a working mapstats widget in my sidebar.

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