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November 8th, 2006 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply » has a whole bunch of widgets. RSS, news search, blog search, video search, market headlines and more.

This is cool!

1. Site layout: MuseStorm is a very easy site to use. It’s not cluttered.
2. Skins: Each MuseStorm widget has 5 pages of skins to choose from. Dress up your widget!
3. Registration: There is no registration. Sweet!

This is OK!

1. Javascript: MuseStorm widgets are Javascript. This means some blog sites restrict using “script” (sorry MySpace users)
2. Options: Widget options are limited. I assume this is because too many options scare users away.
3. How to: MuseStorm includes an easy to use “how to” for putting a widget on your blog. (A few major blog tools are supported)

This is a bummer!

1. Customizations: There are little or no customizations. There are no size options (these are very important)There are no custom color options either.

I like MuseStorm widgets. I just wish there were more customizing options available. That is about my only complaint about MuseStorm.

MuseStorm YouTube search


  1. Ori says:

    Hi Derek, thanks for the post!
    We have flash widgets as well – check out “black comics” and “blue comics” skins for text widgets (like news, RSS) or “mobile” skin for youtube/flickr/images widgets.
    As for customization – we will soon roll out a customization engine.

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