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Everyone has a question and most want an answer. If you don’t want Yahoo answers, or Askville there seem to be plenty of other options. seems to be one of those other options. There is no fancy points or virtual coin gimmicks with Yedda. Just Q&A.

You can earn a rep with Yedda. You may become the answer guru. If you do you will be happy to know that you easily display the fact of your intelligence in the form of a Javascript widget. If your using MySpace…sorry your widget use is excluded. Unless you wanted to continuously update a screen image of your widget…sounds like fun!

I will display my profile widget below. Don’t be alarmed that I have a zero rating. I don’t have time to wander these sites looking for questions that I can answer.

I have found to be an engaging and fun experience. My only regret is now I’ll need scrape another hour off of my sleep schedule. (Hmmm, I wonder if I can sleep at work?)

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  1. Yaniv Golan says:


    Thank you for the review!

    You said: “I don’t have time to wander these sites looking for questions that I can answer.”. That’s a good point. Probably a lot of us don’t have time to wander around. That’s why Yedda provides you with the option to specify your interests, tell Yedda how many questions you’d like to get on these topics and how often, and voila – Yedda will automatically invite you to answer interesting questions on these topics. You can opt to receive these invitations through email, RSS or IM (in testing).

    Also, did you say the “Ask” widget? Once you add this to your blog, readers of your blog can ask you questions on your blog topics or posts. These questions are sent to you and to the rest of the Yedda community. Of course, every question originating from your blog is displayed with your blog name and a link back to it.

    As for MySpace widget, we’ve recently introduced a TypePad-friendly widget – MySpace and WordPress will follow.

    I’d love to hear more of your thoughts and ideas on this.

  2. ashley says:

    hey you guys rock thanks for helping me now i am a wonderful 5th grader. And learned alot from you all .
    i just wanted to thank you guys. now i know everytthing of expanded form right thanks please keep helping me i just dont know what else to say :] something extravaganta lik this website dont know no other web site that could help me as good as this one.

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