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November 27th, 2006 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »
How I found inCircles:

I happened to be over at TechCrunch on Saturday, reading this excellent post “The six biggest new ideas in chat” when I see the inCircles chat widget. At first it seems to be another chat widget. Boring…been there…
2 hours later I had to stop chatting…I had too much other stuff I had to accomplish before the night turned into morning.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how easy it was to get sucked into chatting with inCircles.

I knew I had to add it to Widgets Lab. As you can see at the top of this page, the link to my inCircles chat. Which I had to place at the bottom of this blog. (I have to reign in the widgets sometimes, otherwise it would take two days to load this page) I can’t guarantee someone will be there but give it a try anyhow. You can always find other sites in the widget that have more people chatting.

inCircles chat pros

1. Flash widget (no Javascript) so this should be MySpace friendly.
2. Two size options. A wide version and a narrow version optimized for side bars
3. Four color options. Black, White, Blue and Pink
4. Very fast response time. Hardly any lag at all.
5. No registration needed! Either to get the widget or to chat. Sweet!

inCircles chat cons

1. Visitors are automatically logged in when they visit your site. This makes it appear as though there are more people chatting then there actually are.
2. There are no moderation capabilities. Foul mouthed hooligans have a tendency to ruin a good time. ( I would like to see a DIGG style thumbs down vote type of moderation, where chatters agree to silence an offensive thread.)

I recommend this chat widget.
Lets talk!

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