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November 30th, 2006 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Original Signal.com (OSig) does have a widget. I discovered this after writing the previous post.

OSig’s widget is a simple javascript that delivers the top (first) article from each feed on the OSig pages. This covers any of the main categories and sub-categories they have listed on their page, including Web, Tech, World, Business and Entertainment.

This could be a handy feature to add to your blog. It could be used as a resource in conjunction with a chat widget. You could use it to impress your girl friend. Or you could use it as sidebar filler. Whatever is done with it, it’s still a handy little widget.

Here is how the widget looks using only 5 headlines.

Here is how the widget looks after I tweaked it.

I put the widget code into a table and added background color, border and cell padding. This is a simple way to customize some widgets. This will not work for all widgets.

W3schools has a good table tutorial.

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