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November 25th, 2006
I am currently testing This is a more personalized “Question/Answer” site. YorQA is basically centered around a widget that sits on your blog and allows your users to see that you are online and ask you questions. YorQA is currently in invite only beta testing so expect some bugs if you are trying to ask questions.

I know other “answer” sites have widgets. (yahoo answers and answerbag to name a couple) But this seems more personalized. The other answer sites almost seem to be an extra step between you and a user.

This is a “Revenue sharing site”. Not sure how exactly how that works. You need to plug in “your” Google adsense code and then YorQA will split the revenue 50/50 with you. Must be that your answered questions are collected into a searchable index.

As of right now I am having some difficulties using this service. But as with all beta testing this is to be expected.

If you have an absolutely pressing question try out the yorQA widget (pink in sidebar) If it doesn’t work…email me (under my photo)


This Next: New “Blog it” feature

November 22nd, 2006

This next has added a "Blog it" feature that allows you to easily add any of your lists to your blog. They have made it almost too easy.

I am posting my wish list just in time for Christmas. In case you would like to get me a gift.

I am also using the This Next post window for this post. This Next gives you control of the size of the image, lets you choose the number of images and their layout. You also get to title your post and write your post all from this next.

MySpace live video

November 21st, 2006 offers free software that allows you to put a live web cam feed on your MySpace page.

This rocks! For those of you that were using the recently blocked Stickam

Here is an example of Vidiac working on a MySpace page.
(This only works if the user has their web cam on)

Unfortunately, at this time Vidiac does not work with Mac (Apple)
This is their list of requirements for the “Vidiac Live” service.

“Supported Devices and Operating System

USB webcams made by manufacturers such as Creative Labs and Logitech are fully supported as are DV camcorders connected via Firewire. Currently Vidiac Live is fully supported by Windows XP and requires Windows Media Encoder (included in the install file) and Microsoft .NET 1.1. “

World Visitor Map

November 21st, 2006

Thanks to Pete Cashmore over at for awesome content.

MySpace maps. Show off all of your profile visitors locations. Don’t worry though, the map won’t pinpoint them in their bathroom or something. (MMP) has a ton of cool MySpace add-ons. From layouts to graphics, even MySpace tools. MMP offers a sweet World Visitor Map that displays the general locations of all of your visitors.

This Visitor Map is…
Easy to use and fun as well.
Obviously MySpace friendly.
Uses familiar Google maps.
Has multiple map color choices.
Awesome size…not too large.

Visit ModMyProfile today for this and other hot mods for YourSpace!
MySpace Layouts

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