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December 30th, 2006 has an awesome search widget that allows your visitors to search your site and Google.
If you have Google Adsense, you can plug that in to the widget and receive commissions from searches that result in Google sponsored links being clicked. Sweet!

You can also search:
–Google blog search
–Ask Jeeves

and about 12 others! Not to mention a couple of “search multiple sites at once” options. Wow!
(I would link all of these…but the search widget is right there. Try it out!)

Things to know

–This is a JavaScript (No MySpace)
–Widget has one standard width. That is approx. 150px wide.
–You have 18 color/skin options.
–Choose from 8 different languages.
–results open in new tab/window
blogbar blog
about blogbar and it’s creators

Reader request Smoking cessation widget

December 30th, 2006

Ripple72 mailed me asking for a widget that counted the days that you had not smoked.

I searched in vain until I found the Google gadget for this.
I should have started my search there. I’ll know for next time.

Here is the Gadget:
-tells when you quit
-how many cigarettes you have not smoked
-how much money you saved
-number of days you did not smoke
(Gadgets are script based)

Get Smoking gadget

I hope this helps! Live blog to IM chat

December 29th, 2006

I am currently testing out the blog to IM chat widget. (beta)

Essentially this allows visitors to your blog or MySpace page to see that you are online and contact you via IM (instant messaging)


IM choices include MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, AOL (AIM), ICQ, Jabber and Google Talk. Most of the major players in IM are represented.

I will post a review later when I have actually chatted with someone via the Plugoo widget. Organize an event

December 28th, 2006 allows you to organize events. Whether it’s a block party or a rock concert. You are in control of creating a powerful tool to promote important events.

<a href=""> Demand Hinder with Eventful! </a> Demand Hinder with Eventful! Learn More about Eventful Learn More about Eventful Demand gives you a completely customizable widget to help promote your events on your blog.

They also offer a service called “Demand It“. This allows you to determine the amount of interest for a specific event in a specific area. For example: Lets say you want your favorite band to play in your area. If they are using “Demand It” you can grab their widget and promote for them. The more interest generated, the more likely they will come and perform.

I’ve grabbed the Hinder “Demand It” widget to show here. I grabbed it from the Hinder MySpace page. So we know it works on MySpace.

Things to know

-Demand It widget uses Flash.
-Widget works on MySpace.
-Demanding something requires registration. This is simply to keep you informed about your demand.
-Eventful is FREE.

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