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Eventful.com allows you to organize events. Whether it’s a block party or a rock concert. You are in control of creating a powerful tool to promote important events.

<a href="http://eventful.com/performers/P0-001-000003055-0/demand?from_sticker=300x325_black"> Demand Hinder with Eventful! </a> Demand Hinder with Eventful! Learn More about Eventful Learn More about Eventful Demand

Eventful.com gives you a completely customizable widget to help promote your events on your blog.

They also offer a service called “Demand It“. This allows you to determine the amount of interest for a specific event in a specific area. For example: Lets say you want your favorite band to play in your area. If they are using “Demand It” you can grab their widget and promote for them. The more interest generated, the more likely they will come and perform.

I’ve grabbed the Hinder “Demand It” widget to show here. I grabbed it from the Hinder MySpace page. So we know it works on MySpace.

Things to know

-Demand It widget uses Flash.
-Widget works on MySpace.
-Demanding something requires registration. This is simply to keep you informed about your demand.
-Eventful is FREE.



  1. thats plain cool and a good use of the power of the web

  2. Howard, It’s only going to get better. 2007 is going to be a very busy year for widgets. Especially widgets that give people a voice.

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