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December 28th, 2006 offers a simple chat widget for your webspace.

This isn’t your typical tag board widget. Gabbly has cool features like the ability to automatically log into Gabbly on another site. You can also silence/block offensive users. You can also register to claim your “username”.

I have replaced the chat widget with the Gabbly chat widget. If you are interested in seeing the Gabbly widget in action, just look at the bottom of this page.

gabbly chat image

Things to know

-This widget is a simple IFrame HTML
-There are no color choices for background or borders. (bummer)
-Size options are easy to edit if you didn’t get them right during set-up. Edit the code easily to get your desired size.
-Gabbly is FREE. Registration is FREE. (Registration is only required to claim your username)

get Gabbly chat now! MeeVee (TV) Guide Widget

December 28th, 2006 is the TV watchers MySpace.

” MeeVee offers television viewers and video content enthusiasts a unique online community that provides a smarter, easier way to navigate the growing universe of television programming and video content.”

MeeVee has a cool widget that allows you to share what you watch with visitors to your webspace.

You may ask yourself “Why would I want to do that?” Well for starters…using this widget may help you entice others to join MeeVee and in turn this helps you build a community of people that like similar shows.

However, I would think that earning $10 in iTunes credit for every 5 friends you get to join, would be a better incentive. (I don’t know how long this program runs)

I went and listed some shows that I may or may not watch. Just to try out the widget.

Things to know

-MeeVee Guide Widget is MySpace friendly.
-This widget uses Flash.
-There are 18 custom skins to choose from when creating this widget.
-You also have the option to use plain color for a border.
-Color choice is completely up to you. Use the HEX color code you want.
-There are no size options and by default the widget is 340px wide. You may be able to change this in the code.
-You can pick any shows you want. Some shows even have previews associated with them.

Get your own MeeVee widget. Radio widget MySpace friendly widgets

December 27th, 2006 has a whole bunch of MySpace friendly widgets.

The Internet radio widget is great. You can listen to music and share it without angering the RIAA.

There are over 35 Internet radio stations to choose from. Covering 10 different categories of music. This beats having to upload your music and then having to point your player to those files individually.

I’ll display the Internet radio widget in the side bar for a limited time. It only made it a few hours before I tripped. (need to dump auto-start)

Things to know

-This is a Flash based widget.
-If you want to change the size you have to edit the code a bit.
-The widget has an auto-start feature. This may be great for some. But it annoys others.
-There is a handy STOP button on the widget.
inetradio.jpg has other fun flash toys:

Scrolling LED tickers
countdown generators
Games like Super Mario and Tetris

Sports widget Colts and Clearspring score!

December 27th, 2006 has been drafted by the Indianapolis Colts as their “Widget Developer”

This is a huge leap in widget branding. The start of a trend that will expand considerably in 2007 and beyond. (stay tuned)

The first thing you notice about this widget is the rounded corners and the rich imagery. This is a welcome change from a visual standpoint. The next thing you notice is the large amount of available information that you can easily access. From injury reports to statistics. Even the latest team headlines are available. You also have access to video content.


Things to know

-Most of the widgets functionality doesn’t seem to work when using Firefox. (I use FF
-Widget works fine when using Internet Explorer 7.
-There are no size customizations available.(unless you edit the code)This makes it difficult to place your widget in a sidebar.
If you do change the width, you may lose some of the visual quality of this widget.
-This widget seems to be MySpace friendly. I have placed it on my MySpace profile and it works great.
-This widget uses Flash

If you are looking to create a widget and don’t know where to begin. Here are a couple places to start.

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