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January 23rd, 2007 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

The Geovisite widget is similar to the popular map widgets. Geovisite shows you where your visitors are coming from.

The widget I am trying out simply displays the flag from the country your visitors are coming from and how many came from those locations.
the widget also tell you how many visitors you currently have.

Things to know

–There are four widgets to choose from.
–The widget I tried has custom color options including text and background
–I am testing the JavaScript version in my side bar
The non-Java version I will display in this post.
–This widget is French I believe. I will link the Geovisite English page but some of the text is still in French. Use your common sense.
–You need to sign up to get this widget.


  1. ilker says:

    this looks really nice.. wonder if there is a widget that just shows how many visitors are online?

  2. REINA says:


  3. Bernard says:

    nice widget, but if I have 2 sites how do I add the additional url for it to track?

  4. habib says:

    very nice..
    I’ll try it..

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