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FeedBurner adds more to Headline animator

January 26th, 2007

feedburner.comIf you blog, you may want to check out FeedBurner and their RSS feed services.

They keep adding cool new features to an already popular service.

The headline animator part two is one of the latest. Check it out!

FeedBurner and Springwidgets Brand your RSS widget

January 26th, 2007 and work together to help bloggers brand their RSS feeds into a widget.

Here is the FeedBurner + SpringWidgets overview link. Check it out!

This is the logo that I was trying to incorporate.widgetslab_32.jpg(thumbnail) I would suggest a smaller image and make sure that it has a lowercase .jpg file extension. Uppercase will not work! (yet)

Also, if you would like to add Widgets Lab news to your MySpace or others…just click on the link at the bottom of the widget. Or Get This Widget

Due to slowing load times, I am reducing the amount of widgets displayed

January 25th, 2007

My slow page load experience on a 3meg high speed connection can only indicate that others are having difficulty as well.

So… I am going to reduce the number of active widgets displayed.

My plans are to keep these widgets:

MyBlogLog recent visitors (permanent. Unless Yahoo wrecks it)

Plugoo (because it has allowed me to help many users)

PollDaddy (because it has performed flawlessly since day one)

–Possibly some form of chat at the bottom of the page. (I still need to find the perfect fit)

I want to incorporate a section of the sidebar for a “Featured Widget“. Something I really like and find useful.

Any suggestions for featured widgets are welcome. Either leave a comment or email me.

Derek Online storage & file sharing widget

January 23rd, 2007 is a secure online storage location. They have over 500,000 registered users, serving millions of files around the world. offers 1 GB FREE secure online storage. If you need more space. Their plans start at $4.99 per month. allows you to share files with anyone. Using the Sharing widget. This awesome little widget allows you to display and share the files that you have uploaded to You have complete control over which files are available for sharing. I believe you can also set a password for restricted access.

You obviously need to sign up to get a hold of this one!

So far I have uploaded two files. Both are Windows .exe files.

1. Easy Clean is a Windows cleaning tool that I really like. (no longer FREE)

2. Everest is a Windows tool that tells you just about everything you could want to know about your computer. Video card Mfg, Sound card Mfg. Windows OS key etc…etc…(no longer FREE)

Things to know

–This is a Flash widget and it’s MySpace friendly
–The widget has no custom appearance settings
–Width and height are editable only in the code. (caution here. you may lose visual function)

–Widget has easy sign up for new accounts built right into the widget.
– has an affiliate plan where you can make money when others sign up. ($0.25 on free accounts too!)
–Did I mention it’s FREE!

Wish list

–Some sort of stats indicating number of downloads per file
–Ability to sell certain files. ie: eBook

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