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Some excellent news From Justin at CellBlock.com

Very fitting for post #200

Cellblock has just posted a breakthrough release, extending the scope of
its real-time, collaborative photo and video blogging widget to the
desktop space.

With just a few clicks, anyone can download a cellblock to their desktop
for viewing or to upload content. To upload content, someone simply drags
& drops photos and videos from their desktop onto the desktop widget and
it instantly updates, everywhere – on every desktop and on every website
it’s embedded.

Anyone can attach these Cellblock Desktop Widgets to emails – meaning you
can now have a single 150K attachment that displays an unlimited amount of
photo and video content, streamed in real-time from cellblock.com. This
attachment acts as a dynamic content container, that is instantly
updatable and never out of synch, no matter where it is being viewed or
when it was downloaded.

The applications for this are staggering. You could imagine a company
party, where everyone is taking photos and videos with their cell phones
or digital cameras. After the party, someone sends a cellblock around, as
an attachment on the company mailing list. Employees simply double click
on the attachment (opening it on their desktop), then they drag and drop
their photos and videos into it and the entire company can see them,

This is a truly revolutionary concept and technology.

Additionally, Cellblock has extended its content controls, adding Email
Whitelists and New Content Notification. File size limits have been
increased to 10MB for both photo and video content, making it extremely
easy to post digital camera photos from the desktop space. We take care
of all the resizing for you, so you simply drag & drop the content and
that’s it.

To give this revolutionary new technology a spin, please visit:


As before, Cellblock is a free service and the storage space is unlimited.

Justin Blemly


* Cellblock Desktop Widgets only supported for Windows users, presently

“The technology we’ve developed, code-named Dokodemo, affirms the
post-browser widget era by erasing browser/desktop distinctions. A
traditional uploading implementation requires a user to download and
install separate desktop software for uploading content to their web-sited
album or widget. With Dokodemo, the widget encapsulates all end-use
functionality whether it is on a desktop or in a website.”

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