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February 22nd, 2007 Your favorite RSS widget


There are 12 new theme’s in all. Including a big title theme.

When did widgets quit being fun?

February 22nd, 2007

I remember when “widgets” were simply things that you could add to your blog. Extras or add-ons. A little something to add some color or simple functionality to your plain, text only side bar. It was a time, when, if you found something, a widget, on some obscure blog, it was exciting. You actually had to hunt it down a bit. Put in some effort. It was fun.

Now it seems as though… if the year of the widget doesn’t happen…it’ll be the end of the world. Oh and by the way…if you don’t make any money with your widget thingy your a failure as well.

WTF…does everything have to have a business model?

Widgets are Profitable!

If it gets people to recognize your brand…it’s profitable!
If it gets people to visit your site…it’s profitable.
If it makes others want to have one…it’s profitable.

If it makes businesses want to hire you to create a widget for them…Now you have a business model.

Let the work sell itself.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work much for widgets. Today…widget A. Tomorrow…widget B replaces widget A. …and so on and so on.

Widgets quit being fun as soon as they became business!

Thank you Liz and lady Banana–Answertip

February 22nd, 2007

Answertips from

This adds more functionality to your site by allowing your readers to double click on any text on your page and getting a defenition for that word.

I want to thank:

Liz Cohen from
Lady Banana for her Widget passion
and for her use of Answertips…Wine-Girl

Appear to be someone else on MyBlogLog

February 21st, 2007

Shoemoney has the scoop

I understand that you simply edit your MBL cookie to appear as another MBL user.

What good or harm this does is beyond me. But whatever.

I kinda like MBL. I see copycats every week trying to take a chunk out of MBL.

I suppose now that Yahoo bought them it’s now Ok to exploit, hack and whatever else thats been going on.


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