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March 15th, 2007 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Direct from Spring Widgets (Fox) comes the “Hoops Hysteria” widget.

This widget allows you to track your favorite college teams. With up to the minute coverage and links to Fox Sports news…what more could you ask for? …..winning teams and properly placed bets?

Hoops Hysteria widget at SpringWidgets.com


  1. Hooman says:

    Derek, great post. That widget definitely rocks. CBS just created a March Madness widget that would go great with this bad-boy with the Clearspring platform. Check it out on widgify if you are interested. Hope all is well man!

  2. Ming says:

    I love how the default view shows Maryland’s region and hopefully with Maryland going all the way!

    BTW, grabbed our very own copy from here.

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