Yahoo! Widgets 4…Releases tomorrow

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If you haven’t figured it out yet…I like widgets!


I usually favor web widgets, but this new Yahoo! 4 is too cool to ignore!
The Dock alone, is worth trying out this new version. But what really shakes things up is the new Yahoo! Flickr Widget. It gives you the ability to upload your images right to Flickr…without having to open a browser window or signing in every time. That Rocks!
Another awesome addition is the Yahoo! Gallery Widget. This absolutely must have widget allows you to browse the 1000’s of Yahoo! Widgets and when you find the one you want…add it with one click! (this will lead to widget overload)

In the semantic web of the impending future, widgets will facilitate the demise of the web browser as we know it.
(sentence of useless terminology to puff up my credentials)

Key New Features for:



Widget Dock – (Right side of post)Is a brand new feature that provides a live at-a-glance view of Widgets.  Users can auto-hide the Dock and attach it to any side or corner of their monitor.

Dramatically improved performance – reduced memory consumption of individual Widgets by up to 40 percent.

New Widgets by Yahoo!:
Yahoo! introduces the Flickr Widget and the Yahoo! Gallery Widget.

Key New Features for:

Authors, Publishers, and Advertisers

Streamlined installation
– smaller download and a new Widget-centric installation process makes it easier than ever for consumers to get the Widget they want and for authors to promote their own Widgets.

Improved authoring tools – new functionality and improved tools for Widget authors to build more powerful Widgets.  Featuring: Canvas object support, SQLite, DOM/View System improvements, new online documentation.

Automatic updates
– notification via the Widget Dock when newer versions of the Widgets in use are available and ready for one-click upgrade.


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  1. Hey Derek. Great post – we linked because we liked!

  2. Vikrant says:

    I would like to deploy Yahoo Widgets with Internet and Mozilla browser. Please explian me how to manage and deploy Yahoo widgets with Internet and Mozilla browser.

    Any help will do. Thanks in advance.

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