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iPod widget: TipKal allows you to quickly determine tip amounts and will also split the check up to five ways. You can install this using either a Mac or a PC.TipKal(from My Final Haven)

Allen Stern over at CenterNetworks caught and posted some news about SplashCast. Seems the SplashCast people have been doing some perfecting to an already fantastic Web 2.0 service.
Some updates include:

  • Easy embed
  • RSS feed for any channel
  • sizing functionalities

Visit the CenterNetworks post for the whole scoop.

Supposedly this is the “Official Road Rules” voting widget. This allows you to vote for your favorite Pit Crew member without having to go to the MTV website. Oooh…shivers. Check it out at Road Rules Revenge

Yes! LC over at SexyWidget is finally taking a vacation. Not I can steal some of his readers!

Tim Trent shares his opinion on the AutoRoll widget. He says “Jury still out on Autoroll

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  1. bacchus says:

    The widget was supplied by wiredset.com which is a media and technology centered marketing agency.

    Initially the widget was supposed to be MySpace friendly but with widgets falling out of favor in that realm with the crackdown on java and javascript it was decided it would be more of a blog based tool.

    It is Official, being sanctioned as a marketing device by MTV Networks and was in development for a number of months.

    Because the show was in flux with disappointing ratings (and with firings at Viacom) the exact goal of the project kept changing.

    It was released on Friday to the “masses” as is.

    There you have it. Sooooo…..go vote!


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