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Golf– video widgets

March 27th, 2007

Steal this!…Makes these very viral.

If you want a widget with very hot Keri Murphy talking about golf…grab one!

I would like to see become an advertiser on

I am trying to find the widget below… but…so far, no luck.

SpotBack ratings widgets

March 26th, 2007–Information is spotty at best (pun intended)

Beta testing right now…seems to be a widget for rating things…including posts.

Try them out if you can…both in this post are working widgets.

I will post more info when I find it…

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Do great minds think alike?

March 26th, 2007


Feed timing and comparisons.

TwitThis– adds Twitter effect to blogs

March 26th, 2007
twitthis.jpg is the location for the simple “TwitThis” widget.

What is it?
TwitThis is widget that allows your readers to tell the Twitter community that they are reading your blog at this very moment. It uses a type of Java bookmarklet that pops open a smaller window and asks you to log in to Twitter to “TwitThis”.

Why would I use it?
Twitter is very viral at this point and the web is all about catching on to the fast moving wave. In hopes of getting noticed. Say John Edwards happens to view your blog because of a search and he “TwitThis” about your blog. Thousands of people follow him on Twitter alone. These people would be exposed to your link because of “Twit This”.

How do I get this?
Simple…go to
There is no sign up necessary. Just grab the code and go.

I think TwitThis should incorporate a per post link instead of just the entire site link. It’s good to get visitors to your site…but most people want to share specific content, not main links.
(there is a Word Press plugin but I haven’t tried it and…not everyone uses Word Press)

TwitThis needs to put some advertising on their page. Catch the wave dude!

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