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April 22nd, 2007 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

I kept seeing people write about Call Wave’s SMS widget for sending text messages from your computer to someones phone. I wanted to see how to add it to the blog.

Here is what I found for Google Gadgets.

the Call Wave Google Gadget(link to actual gadget)

Not sure about this one except the link to and here is the link to the actual SMS gadget.

This Gadget says you can send SMS messages worldwide. The widget comes from Upside Here is the link to the actual Worldwide SMS gadget. This does require registration and purchase.

This is SMSalias. Purchase some SMS credit and start messaging! (I guess)

If you decide to use Call Wave (because it says it’s FREE) you almost have to hook it up with the English to Yoda speak converter. What awesome fun this will be. Especially when messaging those with a broken sense of humor.

“For messaging will what awesome fun this be. Yes, hmmm”

Or you could try out the Pirate Translator.

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