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Everyone’s raving about Facebook. “The next big thing”…in social community sites. I thought a little grouping of info wouldn’t hurt.

Did you know?

Widget Builders Find Dream Niche in Facebook
Facebook has opened it’s doors to widget developers of all kinds. For starters…Amazon widgets that allow you to put book reviews and purchase links on your profile. Other key players include CollegeHumor and uPlayMe…

There’s Twitter in my Facebook
Twitter was invited to be an early participant in Facebook’s new platform. Facebook+Twitter download

Facebook’s big plans
Anne Collier’s collection of Facebook comentary.

Betting on Facebook
An excellent story on RedHerring talking about how web application and widget developers are already seeing fantastic adoption numbers. Indicating a symbiotic relationship.

Jangl and Facebook
Free calls between registered Facebook users using the new Jangl widget

Mashable’s list of Facebook apps.

A huge list of 30 plus application have offerings on Facebook

How to leverage the new Facebook platform
Cameron Olthuis has written a common sense approach to creating viral apps for the new Facebook platform. (very interesting read!)

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