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May 30th, 2007

I had to give the upper portion of this post over to the “RateItAll” widget, from

This has to be one of the coolest looking widgets I have ever laid eyes on. The colors seem to go well with whatever blog scheme I could imagine. There is a shine to it…literally! All of the animations work seamlessly. Even the most picky blogger would have to admit to the beauty of this widget.

Ok…so it looks cool. What does it do?

RateItAll allows you to do just that…rate everything. From your new Cadillac to your 5 year old dishwasher. (not your kids…but I suppose you could rate them as well) Everything is fair game for a rating. These ratings can be shared to create a community and allow others to make informed decisions based on others reviews.
With the RateItAll widget, visitors to your blog can easily rate your blog and write a review of your blog right from the widget.
This is fantastic! The readers don’t need to leave to make use of the widget. I know the creator of this widget insisted that people stay on site as much as possible.

How do I get it?

RateItAll widget is still in closed beta. If you read WidgetBlog-sexywidget you will be the first to know of the official release. I would also suggest that you subscribe to the sexywidget RSS feed feed-icon-14x14.png

Where can I use it?

This is a Flash widget. This means that it should work wherever you want to post it. (provided you can edit the template or add widgets) It comes in two widths. 170 px and 210 px both are blog sidebar friendly. (my sidebar is 300 px) There are four colors to choose from…including Black, Green, Blue and Red.
I would like to see more customization options. But this would eliminate the Web2.0 shine and awesome rounded edges. So for now we will have to enjoy it the way it is.

Sorry LC for the delay in posting this review…I have no excuse.

jobamatic Job listings widget

May 29th, 2007
jobamatic1.jpg allows you to put a job search widget on your blog. Take this one step further…you have your own help wanted ads on your blog. These ads are completely customizable . You get to choose the price you charge for an ad posting…the duration of the ad…etc.

My own classifieds?
That is what I said, isn’t it? has this to say…

Basic text link advertising is a great first step in monetizing your site. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.

Your next step should be adding job listings via Job-a-matic. While your readers will likely tolerate advertising, they’ll view targeted job listings as a valuable addition to your site. And revenue from job listings can quickly outpace that from standard CPC advertising programs as you build your base of listings customers. Employers are eager to promote their job listings to qualified candidates. And savvy candidates always keep an ear to the ground for interesting opportunities. By adding job listings to your site with Job-a-matic, you provide your readers with a useful service and make good money along the way.

What can I customize?

Besides all of the job listing criteria, you can edit the title of the widget to reflect what your job board is all about. There are custom color options that allow you to choose predetermined color combinations or create your own.
There is an option for completely custom HTML headers and footers for this widget.
Custom sizing is, unfortunately missing on this widget. Designers sometimes believe that everyone has the same layout to their blogs and that custom sizes are pointless extra work that is meaningless. (dumb)

Cheap gasoline Keep track on your blog

May 29th, 2007
gas.jpg serves up three great widgets that keep us all posted as to the cost of oil and the national average cost of a gallon of fuel. I’m doing the rideshare thing to cut down on fuel use.

No! But both Unleaded and Diesel are covered in the fuel price widgets. People need to know these things along with which gas stations to boycott in order to start a price war. (latest email scam) I think the emails that circulate about this should tell everyone to rideshare. This would be the most effective way to drop the price of fuel. The price would plummet if we cut our consumption by 1/3rd.


Where’s my Hydrogen?

Sorry. With only one or two of these Hydrogen stations in existence…a price widget would be pointless.

The better of the three

I would lean towards the Crude oil graph widget. I like this one because it shows 1 month through 5 years of data in an easy to understand graphical interface.


These widgets are JavaScript based in order to receive updates regularly and maintain integrity. (whatever) They are cool and they work…and that is what counts! If your blog has a political flavor to it…this is one group of widgets that you should definitely consider implementing.

YackPack widgets for FaceBook

May 29th, 2007
yackpack2.jpg offers four audio communications widgets that work on FaceBook and blogs as well.

These are flash based widgets. They should work on that other social site’s profile pages.

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