What are Widgets?

June 25th, 2007 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

An excellent definition of widgets. What they are and where they are going.

Widgets are small applications that provide functionality and content online, distributed through a potentially limitless number of websites. They also represent an entirely new way of looking at advertising. Unlike almost all other online ads, widgets are uploaded onto sites (personal sites, profile pages, blogs) by consumers themselves. They are pulled by their audience, instead of pushed by marketers. And the publishers (largely personal publishers) who upload them are far more than affiliates: owing to these publishers’ personal dynamic and voice, they become advocates for the marketers whose widgets they help distribute. Widget Marketing is exciting because it allows advertisers to swim with the current, not against it. Now advertisers can be invited into conversations they might not otherwise have access to. It means a whole new way of thinking about marketing, but one that marketers will have to move towards if they want to continue connecting with their customers.

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