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June 27th, 2007 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

You can embed a US Presidential election poll on your blog.

Newsvine has created a widget that allows you to have your own personal Presidential election poll. It’s aptly named…Electionvine


What is it?
This is a Flash widget that should work on MySpace (unless it’s too much for the MySpace election stuff. Then it will be blocked)

Looking at the widget you can see that it is dark in color…(hopefully this is no indication as to how the campaign is going to play out.) The major candidates are represented and you can choose which one you endorse.

Some opinion stuff!
The voting results are simple to understand. What I am seeing early on, is a comanding lead by Barack Obama across two different polls. TechCrunch/Electionvine and the Electionvine main page.

Of course, we know that this can change…maybe.

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