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June 29th, 2007

Fun MySpace graphics and more

Mashface/textpic (for above graphic)

New Feedster New widget

June 28th, 2007
feedster2.jpg unveiled a new website interface and widget combination today. The widget displays search results in an RSS style format.

Here is a quote from Rachel Boltz on the Feedster blog.

“To start with the obvious, the site looks completely different. When comparing the old with the new, it’s quite apparent that we decided to keep only the name from the old design. Everything else we set aside, in favor of our newer, shinier self.

Another obvious change is that our content channels, labeled “Feed Buzz”, now occupy a much more prominent place on our site. Each channel has been built from hand-selected feeds that match the general topic. The criteria for selection were as follows:

1) Frequent updates
2) Widely read
3) Largely and consistently confined to one topic
4) Valuable information

The best part about the channels is that you can now take them with you. In fact, every channel AND search on our site are completely portable with the new Feedster widget.” Here’s the entire blog post from Feedster.


It’s cool because you get a different perspective on whats out there. This is Google Clip without having to physically click the share button.

This is a JavaScript widget. It’s free and very user friendly. Check out the cool widget customization pane. It allows you to custom design your widget with a title, custom background colors and you can size it too!

Crazy amounts of widgets How do I keep up

June 27th, 2007

Group polling via web widget


CircleUp, Inc., today announced the availability of an embeddable MyQuestions widget for any Web site, blog or social network serving groups. With the CircleUp widget embedded in an organization or event Web site, users can communicate powerfully with their group right from their site, saving time and enhancing group information, collaboration and productivity.

To start using CircleUp in any site, a site admin simply visits the “FreeTools” section of the CircleUp site at, grabs a snippet of HTML code and drops it into any chosen location on their group site or social network. It’s a breeze to plug in and manage on almost any site that supports iFrames. All branding in the area surrounding the widget is controlled by the organization and branding inside the widget is simple, basic and references CircleUp.

Video channel widget

mefeedia1.jpg The “What I’m Watching” widget displays the latest 10 video thumbnails that are in your channel, which updates automatically as new videos come in from the feeds that you are subscribed to. This enables you to display the latest videos that you are interested in directly on your blog or anywhere you like (as long as it supports Javascript!). Each of the thumbnails goes to play the video itself. In addition, people can click on the links above and below the video thumbs to view your profile on Mefeedia. It is a great way to keep updated and share with your blog/vlog viewers what other videos you like.

Increasing/Decreasing the number of videos displayed
In the code that you have to copy and paste, change the “10.js” to a number you would like to show, up to 50 videos! For example, to decrease the number of videos displayed from ten to six change “10.js” to “6.js”. To show more, change “10.js” to “20.js”. It tops out at displaying 50 videos.

ePals Q&A widget


Ask ePALS is a service that brings together educators and experts from around the world and connects them with people looking for answers to questions that are specific to education.

We believe that every person is multi-faceted. A unique combination of professional history, personal experience, acquired hobbies and pursued interests nurture the uniqueness in every one of us. That unique individuality is an invaluable resource when shared.

Do we need another Q&A widget?

Anything is possible. If the service and widget offer some very unique features it may take off. there is stiff competition from Yahoo! Answers, Yedda, AnswerBag, Fun Advice and others. The Jury is out on this one.

3 Guppies–Content mobilization


3 Send MySpace to Any Cell Phone

Place a button anywhere you post pictures and video to send them directly to a cell phone.

Create your own MP3 ringtones for free or search
our huge catalog of premium ringtones.

Download your own, or browse our extensive
collection of free pictures.

Watch and share videos on your phone.

MySpace and More
Mobilize pictures and video posted on MySpace
and other sites to any cell phone.
Always FREE

You don’t need to buy anything, now or ever.
3Guppies doesn’t charge to mobilize stuff.

Gwen Stefani is Hot!


This pic is a link

With the Attendio widget you can keep track of her tour, buy tickets, email event info to friends etc…

The Attendio widget takes events entered at and shows them on any webpage, including MySpace, Facebook, Blogger and other sites.

The widget is a great tool for bands, sports teams, or anyone passionate about sharing event information. It works on many sites including MySpace, Facebook, TypePad, NetVibes, Friendster, Blogger, Windows Live, iGoogle, Pageflakes, Freewebs and Webwag.

There are other artists as well…The Police, 311, Counting Crows, Beyoncé and The Vans Warped Tour

The Attendio widget is based on Clearspring technologies.

“The standard Internet advertisement is so familiar that most people tune it out: a billboard stripped across the top of a Web site, waiting for consumers to surf by and maybe click on it.

Now a young generation of online-ad creators are pushing a newer idea: putting a brand on a mini-site so fun or useful — a video game or a spruced-up calculator or a live sports update — that people download it, paste it on their personal blogs or social networking sites, use it again and again and share it with friends.” — April 9, 2007

Electionvine Election poll widget

June 27th, 2007

You can embed a US Presidential election poll on your blog.

Newsvine has created a widget that allows you to have your own personal Presidential election poll. It’s aptly named…Electionvine


What is it?
This is a Flash widget that should work on MySpace (unless it’s too much for the MySpace election stuff. Then it will be blocked)

Looking at the widget you can see that it is dark in color…(hopefully this is no indication as to how the campaign is going to play out.) The major candidates are represented and you can choose which one you endorse.

Some opinion stuff!
The voting results are simple to understand. What I am seeing early on, is a comanding lead by Barack Obama across two different polls. TechCrunch/Electionvine and the Electionvine main page.

Of course, we know that this can change…maybe.

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