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Well, it was about time, just today i saw that digg has finally launched a blog widget, and because i had to head home, Pete cashmore got the story first, yes a Official Digg Blog widget, and it is in specific a blog/website widget because it is a Javascript widget, so most social networks will not be sporting it, this to me seems like a well planned decision, streaming digg content in blog sidebars means a bigger spread of what digg is and staying more in context of what digg does, because believe it or not, not everyone uses Digg, and given how they were looking to get bigger usage numbers and there are more and more discussions about when the next digg is going to appear, that the better way to defend the fort and hope to make it bigger was with brand spread, and with this kind of widget, for something like digg, it cannot get any better than that.

thankfully the widgets is great, size and color customizable, several default looks and a perfectly working widget, with a interesting extra, you can customize a lot what the widget will show, so it can even only show stories from a domain in specific, so if your blog got some dugg stories, you can now sport them in your blog in timely fashion.

Digg widget

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  1. wow! I had almost forgotten about digg. Without a widget, their presence on the web had become somewhat muted. If this widget takes off, I think it will surely boost the digg appeal.

  2. Dave says:

    Nice, Digg is on of my top rss feeds. Nice to be able to share it on my page.

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