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RSSmixer combines all your feeds into one. Then you can view them on the RSSmixer site. You can also create a widget for your blog , Apple Dashboard or the iPhone. The web widget allows you to share what you read via RSS with all of the visitors to your blog. They can copy your feeds for their own if they desire.

I have too many feeds

If you are like me, you have more feeds than you can keep up with. (or barely keeping up) Putting all of these feeds into a widget seems almost comical. There is no way every post from all of your feeds can be displayed. So what happens is you get a few of the most recent and they are linked to the RSSmixer site, where all the rest of your feeds have been remixed.

What makes it tick?

The web widget uses iFrame HTML for the programming. There are no multiple choice options for customizing this widget. What you see is what you get. If you don’t mind editing the code you can change many aspects of this widget. Most of the CSS is there to be tweaked to your liking.

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