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I have 6 more Pownce invites

July 26th, 2007

UPDATE: I am OUT of invites again. When I get more I will post.


Pownce is a fun alternative to Twitter. It allows you to send “notes” to friends and admirers and you can even share files. It’s invite only and there aren’t very many invites around (that I know of)

If you want to try out Pownce just leave a comment that includes your email that you wanted associated with Pownce.

I also suggest sharing your invites here as well.

NGC Taboo widget

July 26th, 2007

National Geographic releases the Taboo Widget.

<a href=''>Taboo &#8211; explore different cultures and customs</a>

The NGC Taboo widget simply shows you two cards each with an image and a caption. The caption is generally designed to be shocking to the senses. You then have to decide which you would rather do and then click on the one that you prefer. You then find out what percentage of people have agreed or disagreed with you.

Some of the questions include eating things like snake parts or spiders. Others include doing things naked or participating in naked activities. This is tied directly into a promotion for a National Geographic series titled “Taboo” that begins Aug 9th

This makes me wonder if a similar widget is offered in other areas of the world where things we westerners do, seem taboo?

There is no registration required. The embed code is found right on the widget so your friends can grab it from you. This is a Flash widget that seems to load very smoothly. It is possible to edit the code to change the height and width of the widget. However, if your goal is to reduce the widget size you won’t have much luck. The widget becomes almost unreadable as it approaches sidebar size. (default width is 400 px)

I would like to see the same widget available in a more sidebar friendly format. Maybe stack the images instead of the default side by side layout. This might get more people interested in placing it on their blogs!

NGC Taboo Widget

iPhone Spoof widget

July 24th, 2007

the iPhone death watch widget is a complete spoof.


For starters it comes from An online magazine dedicated to PC news not Apple news. So, of course the seriousness needs no to be accepted as pure drama.

They say that they have contacted the iPhone people and…

Apple says that after 400 charges, the phone will hold 80% of a charge. Alas, they wouldn’t tell us any more than that. (When we inquired, they skirted the issue.)

This is a good joke on Apple and fun for iPhone users.

But I find it difficult to call this a widget.
First, there is no code to copy or download. It appears to simply be a website that you would keep as your homepage. Who would do this? It might be a shade more popular if there were a Google search bar embedded on the page (a Google widget). You also might want to include some adsense (it’s not a website without adsense)

FBFactory Builds Facebook apps for you

July 24th, 2007
fbfactory11.png just launched today. They plan on building custom apps for Facebook.
If you or your company desire being on Facebook with more than just a profile. You’re going to need some real exposure and to get this you will have to appear on thousands of profiles. The only way to do this is to create something that everyone on Facebook wants…and then give it to them.

This is where FBFactory comes in. They have over 10 years web design experience and have been on Facebook since day one. So they know the ropes.
FBFactory utilizes a five step process to create your custom Facebook widget app. This is the best way to “get it done” as they say.

Here are the apps they have created so far:

Crush –This allows you to find out who likes you. (has a crush on you)

Profile Picture — Here you can send and receive photos and also post big photos on your photo wall.

Who’s Hotter? — Pick the Hottie  voting/rating  who do you find more appealing?

As you can see FBFactory is just starting out (launched today)  but they have their head in the right game.

Facebook is where it’s at!

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