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Widgets Summit 2007

August 31st, 2007

widget summit

Widget Summit Is a two-day widget conference that is going to take place on October 15-16 in San Francisco organized and hosted by Niall Kennedy of last year Widgets Live that he hosted along OM Malik, but since OmMalik is now too known to go for this and Niall Kennedy is known enough i guess he decided to go solo with this.

Here are the direct quotes from the even description:

Widget Summit is a two-day conference on widgets and content syndication. Web pages have gotten smaller, dynamic, and distributed as components within the desktop, personalized homepage, social network, blog sidebars, mobile phones, and even dedicated hardware. Today’s publishers need to reach their audience wherever and whenever they may choose to interact with content. Widgets lead the way towards a distributed web loosely joined.

Widget Summit provides a two-day industry perspective on the current state of the widget economy. Attendees will learn how to evaluate possible distribution channels and its unique audiences, explore areas of rapid growth and experimentation, and learn how to implement best practices of the widget industry. Our two-day intensive will prepare your team with the best business, developer, and partner knowledge needed to engage the emerging widget ecosystem.


for the schedule and plans, just go to the link.

Widget Summit

Texty: HTML Embedded Service Widget

August 31st, 2007


Texty is one of those weird ideas that seem so odd and simple that they must be tried, so someone did. Texty is a HTML Embedded Service in the same vein that a web form or photo display, the idea is to be able to compose a post or even a simple document and embed it into a page for whatever purpose you may have without knowing squat of code. the only requiered knowledge required is how to use a word processor in the same way you would write a E-mail at hotmail.

So, it is useful and a fast way to display a html document anywhere you want as long it accepts JS.

If you still don´t grasp why someone would want this thing in Writetomyblog plus JS-Kit and you will get the concept of it better.


Labpixies: High Spread Widgets

August 31st, 2007


Labpixies is a widget start up that recently launched Moodget as it´s most high spread widget yet and celebrating the company widget number 50 so far.

A lot has changed since they started out and they have learned well what is needed to persevere in the widget industry and that is spread, high spread.. being able to distribute the very same widget to many different platforms and even mediums without the loss of quality and in the easiest way possible.

Labpixies has archived that by making any Widget to be added to the top start pages,blog platforms and social network with the click of a button while allowing the common way of doing it to all.

But even more important, is for them to start taking the widgets from the web to the Vista Sidebar in the same way. Something that started with moodget but will follow with the rest of their catalog.

The catalog counts with pretty much any kind of widget people would want to have: from tools, to news to gossip and finally games, it is all there and there are 50 of them to choose from.

widget gallery


Moodget: Display Your Mood Status

August 31st, 2007


Moodget is a very simple widget/gadget, you configure it to your mood of the moment, register and in a little more of a minute you can use it in the top social networks, the top start pages and Blogger with the click of a button along pretty much any website as a iframe widget, but what is even better is that you can also export it as a sidebar gadget for Windows Vista.

The option to do such a thing is what makes it stand out, becuase it really allows you to spread it if you want to and let it reach a more consolidated audience..

I wish every widget service would think of that.

My only wish would be for it to be offered in flash too as a option.


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