Facebook on Netvibes? More in a bit…

August 2nd, 2007 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »


Sounds like casual viewing of your contacts and stuff no longer requires a visit to Facebook.


It appears as though you will be able to interact with your profile. Giving you direct access to links to your profile, your friends profiles and your networks. It sounds like you will be able to view group and event invites, pokes and requests, shares and the number of messages you currently have.

I have included a screen image preview of what the Netvibe element will look like. Of course it is stylishly themed with the cast of the new Harry Potter movie.
Here is a link to the Netvibes blog with the full story.


  1. Game Hacks says:

    comparison of these two doesnot make sense. facebook is way way beyond netvibes/page flakes

  2. Game Hacks,

    It’s not a comparison. The post describes how you can use your NetVibes start page to access your Facebook profile. That is all.

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