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A left to right scrolling news ticker rocks!


Widgetmate.com offers two cool widgets. The “News Widget” and the “Poster Widget”.

Each widget comes in multiple flavors with almost every conceivable option for customization. The first thing you will notice is the lack of any type of registration. These are register free widgets.

With the News widget you can combine keywords to display news that is relevant to your needs. You can then choose to have images included with details or just headlines with images or even just headlines. Each headline is a working link to the actual story. Once you are done with these settings you can customize further by adjusting the width, text colors, background colors, scroll speed, border etc…

These are truly customizable in size, action and color!

The Poster Widget simply displays keyword associated images from allposters.com with a direct link to the allposters.com site for a quick purchase. (all custom options mentioned above apply to the Poster Widget)

These widgets are JavaScript based. There is a PHP widget as well.

Here is what the scrolling news widget looks like:

(There is of course a link to the widgetmate site located on the bottom of each of these widgets)


  1. NS says:

    Cool widgets, especially like the customisable news widget, am sure will be useful for many of blog pages!

    Nice post too, hv included a link from my blog aweBsome – all that’s awesome on the weB @ http://www.eit.in/b/awe/

  2. Thank you for the link and thank you for visiting.

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