Badongo: Files, Playlist Player and Photo Widgets

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Badongo is a file hosting service that has been around now for over a year now and that is in fact very popular around the world but not very known in USA, it offer the same kind of file hosting solutions others do but got plenty more of user tools to offer and quite more freedom, you may want to check out if you are looking for file hosting.

But as always the reason for it to be showcased here is that it also offer some good widgets for you to share your files with.

The widgets are done in flash and with colors to choose from so they can pretty much be put anywhere:

Files widget

Allows you to share your files in your blog or social network so your friends and visitors can download directly from it


Playlist Player

Add mp3 files to it and form your music playlist you want everyone to hear out


Photo widgets

Some playful photo widgets to broadcast your pictures with some effects added to the transitions.


You can find more about these widgets Here



  1. Blogbeast says:

    I use to search for files on Badongo. It almost like browsing through a ftp server you just discovered.

  2. Avatar says:

    @Blogbeast: i don`t post about search engines. but that is very nice. thanks.

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