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August 19th, 2007 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Grab some head shot photos and upload them to JibJab to create your very own crazy videos. These videos feature themes such as the Hawaiian hula, Disco, Chikita, The Charleston and La Cucaracha

If you don’t want to use any of your family, you can grab some photos of public figures if you wish and have a ball! I made one with Hillary Clinton and Bald Brittany Shears. It was pretty funny.

This is a very Myspace friendly Flash based widget. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this widget was created especially for Myspace. Yes it works on Friendster, Hi5, Piczo, Blogger and more. But I think they had Myspace in mind when they cooked this one up.

You will have to register in order to use this widget. Registration requires a valid email address. Why? I have no idea. They may want to limit the amount of illegitimate widgets created by bots. Of course…who would bother to set up fake JibJab accounts?

Anyhow…this is a fun widget that I got a kick out of. I would like to see more dancing themes or maybe some limited action sequences from movies etc…




  1. Hooman says:

    Danny, this is a great freakin’ widget. Clearspring has been working closely with the JibJab team to get this project up. They have done some fantastic work and I am glad they are getting the recognition they deserve.

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