Joost releases API Welcoming widgets

August 30th, 2007 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »
joost.jpg Internet and TV blended…has released their API encouraging widget developers to flock to this popular spot.

Joost users have had the use of widgets such as chat, RSS and an exciting clock. Although it’s too early to see any widgets created with this new API. We can only speculate based upon the absolute insane popularity of the Facebook platform and ensuing widget storm.

The Joost API site does feature a couple of new widgets. An alarm clock, Rss reader, wiki reader and something called “What’s Similar”. This widget offers recommendations for clips like the one you are currently watching. There are all sorts of possibilities here…such as recommendation widgets for what you watch and even blog widgets that share your Joost ‘What I’m Watching’


A basic understanding of XML and JavaScript will get you started developing Joost widgets. There are, of course bugs that need to be ironed out. But this should be nothing new to developers in this field.

This is a smart move for Joost. Something that worked well for Facebook and should be emulated!.

Source:Joost Gets an API, Becomes Widget Platform–NewTEEVEE


  1. Ryan Spahn says:

    This sounds great an alarm clock!

    What’s even better is getting my team started on creating a http://Sleep.FM – Social Alarm Clock widget for Joost!

  2. I love the fact that you guys have seen this and responded to it so soon!
    Is there any possibility that there is a social alarm widget for other than Joost?

  3. Ryan Spahn says:

    Hi Derek

    Yes, currently we have a few Sleep.FM Social Alarm Clock widgets in development. All widget users who want to be awakened by their friends’ alarm messages need to have chosen a username, wake up time and bedroom on http://Sleep.FM.

    Joost’s new alarm clock and Sleep.FM’s Social Alarm Clock are perfect fits, as many fall asleep watching TV and both companies are revolutionizing centuries to decades old devices!

  4. This sounds like a completely custom ‘wake up service’. Cool! Now we just have to jump start the whole ‘Wired house’ thing.

  5. Ryan Spahn says:

    Thanks…. it’s a social network for sleeping and waking where upon your alarm time passing your alarm messages(voicemails, songs, audio clips) sent to you by your friends, wake you up.

    Try it out!

    Peace, Ryan

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