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Labpixies is a widget start up that recently launched Moodget as it´s most high spread widget yet and celebrating the company widget number 50 so far.

A lot has changed since they started out and they have learned well what is needed to persevere in the widget industry and that is spread, high spread.. being able to distribute the very same widget to many different platforms and even mediums without the loss of quality and in the easiest way possible.

Labpixies has archived that by making any Widget to be added to the top start pages,blog platforms and social network with the click of a button while allowing the common way of doing it to all.

But even more important, is for them to start taking the widgets from the web to the Vista Sidebar in the same way. Something that started with moodget but will follow with the rest of their catalog.

The catalog counts with pretty much any kind of widget people would want to have: from tools, to news to gossip and finally games, it is all there and there are 50 of them to choose from.

widget gallery



  1. LD2 says:

    You can already move all LabPixies (not just moodget) widgets to your Vista Sidebar using Amnesty Hypercube:

  2. Avatar says:

    Thanks LD2, i was actually about to write about you guys. so i guess you should check the next post by me.

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