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Recent Facebook App additions

August 31st, 2007

NewsGator Facebook App is released.

NewsGator Technologies the maker of the popular RSS reader has created a Facebook App that you can add to Facebook here

With this App you can get a pre-packaged list of feeds to read, add your own or you can see what your friends on Facebook are reading in their ‘Gator’ and grab their info.

Sharing information is the main focus of this App. You probably won’t replace your current RSS reader. However, this App does a nice job of tuning you into what others are focusing on and may prove useful in providing you ideas for future posts.


Gapingvoid Facebook App


Cartoons of blogger Hugh Macleod…the ‘Gapingvoid‘ can now be added to your Facebook profile. These “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards” are a popular addition to many blogs. Get them on your Facebook today! Grab the Gapingvoid App now!


Google Facebook App?


Recent news indicates that Google is close to “perfecting” their Facebook App. However, as of today 8/31/07 there is still an error greeting those attempting to install this App.

Why use it?
Supposedly when you get to use this “Search App” your search results are displayed in your mini feed. Is this the only purpose to this App besides a search function? I have three or four search options available already. Why do I need another? Also, why do I want my Facebook friends seeing what I am searching? Seems pointless to me.

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Dashboard Shredder widget

August 31st, 2007

The Dashboard shredder widget allows you to securely eliminate digital documents in three easy to use levels. Using this widget allows you to keep the trash for holding things that you aren’t sure you want to eliminate yet.

The levels of security include Low, Medium and High

Low is just bypassing the trash can. Not nearly as secure as deleting.

Medium shreds you data using a 7 pass shred that is compliant with the Department of Defense.

High doesn’t just shred…it basically vaporizes your digital trash. A 35 pass Gutmann algorithm makes sure there is no recovery of those files. Wow!

widget homepage is

widget download is shredder/

This is MAC only

Joost releases API Welcoming widgets

August 30th, 2007
joost.jpg Internet and TV blended…has released their API encouraging widget developers to flock to this popular spot.

Joost users have had the use of widgets such as chat, RSS and an exciting clock. Although it’s too early to see any widgets created with this new API. We can only speculate based upon the absolute insane popularity of the Facebook platform and ensuing widget storm.

The Joost API site does feature a couple of new widgets. An alarm clock, Rss reader, wiki reader and something called “What’s Similar”. This widget offers recommendations for clips like the one you are currently watching. There are all sorts of possibilities here…such as recommendation widgets for what you watch and even blog widgets that share your Joost ‘What I’m Watching’


A basic understanding of XML and JavaScript will get you started developing Joost widgets. There are, of course bugs that need to be ironed out. But this should be nothing new to developers in this field.

This is a smart move for Joost. Something that worked well for Facebook and should be emulated!.

Source:Joost Gets an API, Becomes Widget Platform–NewTEEVEE

Slide: One million widgets daily, now what?

August 30th, 2007


Without a doubt the widget news of this week seems to be that slide is now generating one million widgets daily with their engine that are spread across all around the world in pretty much everyone of the top social networks.

That makes it the widget monster, pretty much as unbeatable as Myspace in their niche. but then i wonder, ok, they pretty much could do anything they wanted, they are bringing in loads of money it is not the right time for slide to offer they still care to innovate and release more advanced widgets or a widget engine so people can create advanced widgets?. that is what Slide could do to show they truly lead where it counts.

But in anyway, such landmark is pretty much historic for widgets,because that means they have reached the status where it can be said it is a mature and relevant industry in the web.


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