Splashcast announces Twitter integration, FanCast and Columbia Records partnership.

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Twitter integrated in Splascast!

some excerpts from Splashcast story

We?re excited to announce today a new partnership with Columbia Records and three major new features to make the SplashCast experience more interactive than ever. New York?s Coheed and Cambria is the first Columbia band to have an artist channel built by SplashCast.


The second feature that will be deployed first on Columbia Records artist channels is live chat. Fans will be able to discuss whatever is on their minds in real time with our new in-player chat functionality.

With this announcement, FanCast mobile publishing will be available to all publishers across all channels. Channel owners can designate any show in their channel to accept media files emailed from mobile phones or they can create a special show just for mobile submissions. Those email adresses chosen by publishers and can be kept private or shared with the world; all FanCast submissions can also be moderated by channel owners.


Finally, our third new feature being announced today is immediately available on all channels – and it?s an industry first. SplashCast now offers the only media player online that allows quick, inline messaging to Twitter. Your viewers will be able to click the Twitter icon in your players, provide their username and login and then enter a message to be sent with a link to your channel to their entire network of friends on Twitter. Think Twitter?s just for the early adopter tech crowd? Readers of Sally Forth in the Sunday comics and viewers of the MTV Video Music Awards might disagree

See the entire story at Splashcast.com

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