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AdWords de Google

One of the big news if not the biggest news this week was the launch of Google Gadget Ads making the rounds along with the Mobile Adsense launch. those are two very powerful moves and i doubt that the breaking of the news for both in the same day is a coincidence because it does send a message to competitors with what has become now Google true main product: Advertising.

Yeah, i know that Google is more equal to Search but lets get real. Google knows that their absolute control of the Search market has come to a end of sorts because their market share has been falling down in the last 24 months and with the launch of the new Live search engine from MS and whatever Yahoo! is preparing will diminish it more even if they get to still be number 1 for a long time. but they are really not worried about MS and Yahoo! playing catch up to them in the search field. they are worried about MS and Yahoo! analytics and advertising initiatives that will go along the new search engines because it is precisely the model that Google lives and thrives on.

And pretty much the only way to prevail is to spread and diversificate. and a product like Gadget Ads is the perfect example of that.

Gadget Ads are a interesting thing beyond the fact that they are advertising, because it is also a way to spread PR messages, Press releases and Promo kits. having it in a widget makes sure that the message of the PR, Press and Promo teams are never diluted by the commentary or opinion of blogs linking to a story because if you place the Gadget Ad along a opinion piece or even a criticism, the widget allows the product to defend itself by showing what the product really is beyond what the blog has said about it and not only that, even if you are taking shots on a product, the nature of the widget will allow you to profit from doing so without the company behind the product you just have destroyed mind about it, in this case the sole reason of you placing the Gadget Ads is already good publicity.

Of course that there is only one thing to keep in mind, the product promoted should of course have some quality in it, even if at minimum, otherwise such effect will of course not happen and the bad review will still mean that whatever you are promoting crashes and evaporates in less time that i have been writing this post.

There is much that can be said about the gadget form, because if you see them, they are not different that a lot of other promo gadgets you have seen before, and that is the best thing about them, you have not only grown used to them, you already embrace them, it is all about the metrics and advertising program running in them that make them special, because even if there were already other try outs in format and form before google getting the metrics blended in one with the advertising program and being the biggest online advertising company is what gives them a Edge over whatever that was before it..

I could simplify it comparing it to having a cellphone, for example, i plan to buy the M8 from Meizu(if it comes out), and it would do me no good to have it if i didn’t knew before hand that i will be able to use with a big network provider for both data and calls (even if in my case i will go for full VOIP/data usage), that only would leave me with a device i cannot use to it`s full potential and that is why only Yahoo! and MS will be also the ones able to compete compete google when the time comes, because they are the other two with the biggest networks, no big networks, means no reach, no spread,no gain.

The last notable detail i think is amusing comes from the spread targeting of the widget, it is very clear that google came honest to it and list the biggest social network/start pages systems in order of importance:

09_21_2007 06_06 p.m.

You will note that Google KNOWS perfectly in what spot their Igoogle start page stands and also shows us the true order of things, something that match perfectly with the numbers i have

And that is all, i wanted to express my opinion in the whole matter because i have seem some of the previews and reviews about Gadget Ads and they are all pretty much superficial or biased, so there you have it, my two cents for what it is worth.

And now for a Gadget Ad example:


One of the only post i have liked about the new Gadget Ads is this one from Sniperoo that offers a complete overview for those interested in the background of the adwords program in them.

Google Gadget Ads


  1. Ivan says:

    Excellent analysis and you are spot on on the ‘Sharing Location’ ordering – honesty from Google. Now I must add them to my Widget Distribution Networks coverage …

  2. Avatar says:

    Thanks for the comment Ivan, i even have edited the post now, to clean it a little too.

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