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Rockin’ music player works flawlessly on Myspace! the Free online radio creation station has a widget that you will love! If you love music and deciding which you want to listen to…then Slacker radio is for you.

Step one
Go to and sign up. It’s FREE of course!
Once you are registered and logged in simply choose to create a station. Decide on an artist to start with and Slacker will deliver a list of artists with similar music styles for you to choose from. If you find that there aren’t enough artists to choose from, you can always add a different artist and choose through the new list, keeping your previous selections in tact.

Step two
Fine tune your station.
Choose to have the most popular music from your selected artists or fringe music you may not have heard before. There are in between settings as well. So you really can tune things in!
Now you need to name your station and save it.

Step three
Grab the embed code.
Click on ‘Options–> Current Station–> Share This Station.
Now look at the bottom for the ‘Add to Myspace’ button.add-to-myspace.jpg Here you will find the embed code and two player options. Small slim line player (displayed in this post) or the larger player that displays band information as well.

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  1. ekucera00 says:

    I don’t expect this to be an iPod killer, or even a Zune killer. But I really think the Slacker portable is really just touching upon a different segment of the market. I have been using the slacker web player since it’s release in March and have to say if the hardware is upto par with the software then they will have a great combo. Also noted that if they can get the third party support then I think they will have a good following. Slacker also stated that it would not be affected by the recent internet radio royalty price hikes (for now). A few more weeks, and we’ll let the reviews come rolling in. Also check out Seems to be a good start to a social backing. I’ll try to post an unboxing and complete review as soon as it arrives.

  2. Tim Miller says:

    Slacker is great stuff, anyone know if there is a sidebar gadget for vista yet? i have looked but find nothing just the slacker downloadable player. any help would be great

  3. james reese says:


  4. Avatar says:

    @james reese: please, don`t try to make it to autostart. that is a really bad practice.

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