Widgets Economy In Facebook: can it thrive?

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09_21_2007 06_20 p.m.

All Facebook has a interesting article where Nick O´Neill questions himself how does Facebook affected Widgets Economy in general, where he thinks they make more sense to have them and also states that Widgets do not belong inside Facebook.

I do agree with most of what Nick has said, Widgets do not belong inside Facebook

k because F8 platform is about Aps that ins a way imitate a browser, just that Facebook funtion is being the browser, facebook is a Social browser when it cames to Apps, they are the social conection for the Apps, and the Apps must be able to reflec that perfectly, and the ones who does that, are the most popular ones, and that is something that many Facebook app developers do not get and then are left scratching their heads wondering why it didn´t got any traction at all.

You don´t enter a social platform wanting to enter your own social platform going against the platform you are in.. that is just stupid and i do see lots of Facebook apps triying to do just that.

But do widgets can get to fit or belong into Facebook? of course they do, and no i am not contradicting myself.  they do belong in Facebook, but not in the way they are now, triying to pas for Facebook App.  that is the ridiculous part, they belong in something i just started to see both as concept and one in practice: A facebook Widget Launcher App.

Why would i install widget by widget, go from App to App to see my widget one by one if i can have a Widget Launcher App just like in a cellphone and Smartphones and get as many as i need in one place inside FAcebook that do not need to be forced to interact socially beyond the actual App integration with Facebook own platform.

I think that would be the right way to truly enter Facebook with widgets and be able to truly enjoy them in the same way you do in a blog, in a start page,etc,etc.

now the true question is not how or who, but when w will start to seeing this.

The how and the who relies on Widget distributors, they are the ones that need to come to terms with this and offer a widget launcher for their respective networks.

Widgetbox, widgetavenue, widgetnest, widgipedia, yourminis, clearspring and labpixies:

Get to it.

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