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VideoMap widget links friends and their videos across social sites

YourTrumanShow today announces the creation and release of their new ‘VideoMap’ widget. This widget is designed to further link people on social sites such as Myspace, Facebook and others.  The Key ingredient of this widget is the ‘Graphical Video Relationship Map’ (a mouthful)

This component allows you to view who links to you and what videos they are sharing.

VideoMap developers:

VideoMap? lets users open the widget and see themselves in the center of the map, then they can opt from two views. In the first, they are the hub and can see their connections to friends across the Web. In a tray below them, they see their own collection of clips from anywhere on the Internet.  When the user clicks on a friend, that friend?s collection appears in the tray.

In the second view users are still in the center of the map.  This time, however, they see the collections of their friends and the corresponding connections to those collections. When they select a clip that interests them, they then see its owner in the tray below.

In both cases, it?s a quick and simple process to add content to a personal collection.


The developers also hint at future monetization models based upon collected data about user preferences. Whether this is revenue for the user or for the developer is yet to be determined.

I have honored the 7AM EST embargo on this Others have not!

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