Musestorm: Widget based content engagement platform

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Musestorm is one of those widget centric companies that have come a long way in just one year as Derek first post about them confirms passing from offering widgets to what today they call a content engagement platform, which is pretty much in layman terms like hiring a agency for your widgets, they get you help to develop them, the help you to market them, they help you to deliver them.

Musestorm is a very proactive agency, but if you prefer to read the explanation from the PR sheet, i can comply to that too:

“The MuseStorm Content Engagement Platform is an end-to-end solution for content and widget syndication.
By handling everything from widget and application creation, to distribution and analytics as well as monetization, the service frees publishers and marketers to focus on what they do best: creating engaging content and messages for their users.
The tightly integrated platform modules provide unique benefits such as detailed interaction metrics and flexible options for advertising integration. “


there are now a lot of permutations from once develop only widget start up to now widget syndication managers and also widget marketing, but Musestorm is trying to go beyond that and offer a more rounded option first. and if you are into the idea of developing a widget, they do come as a good reference on where to turn.


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