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HungryMachine is a web development group specialized in Ruby on Rails and they are very into facebook and decided to develop and release a  widget, with the particularity that the widget debuted only on Facebook. making it a widget to facebook only widget, something that goes completely the other way around to what you usually are used to. because the commong ground is to release for the web and then release a facebook version, but they seem so comfortable with facebook and i guess this would be the way to make a point across.

The widget in question allows you to show what you are reading, what you have already read by sectioning a bookshelf to share with others, that way your facebook contacts can check it out.

as with al things Facebook, the word widget should come with the word module along it.

09_29_2007 02_46 p.m.

It is a good widget but not a usal one and the particularity of being facebook exclusive, makes it worth of checking it out and is interesting how facebook has affected the widgetosphere (yeah, i said it) too.

Visual Bookshelf Widget (blog entry)

Visual Bookshelf Widget App (facebook)

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  1. Philip Duffy says:

    Is there a one page statement that simply and clearly tells each step for starting and using Bisual Bookshelf?

  2. Avatar says:

    @Philip Duffy: will look into it.

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