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Niall Kennedy from widgets live and the upcoming widget summit fame has done a very interesting and informative post about widgets history in a loose stringed but very well researched time table that starts in 1984 up to 2007.

My only observation is that even if 2007 is not finished yet i would have added Silverlight, Flex and AIR widgets already..but i guess if it were point by point the timetable would have hundreds points of reference and 2007 would certainly be the busiest year so far.

A must read for everyone.

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A brief widget history

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  1. Sean Ellis says:

    An important piece of widget history often overlooked is Trivia Blitz. It launched in 1997 and by December 1999 had spread to 36,100 websites ranging from Geocities and Tripod personal pages to CNN.com and TowerRecords.com. It replicated virally through an “add this game to your site” link. I launched this program as a low cost user acquisition tool for Uproar.com leveraging Uproar’s offshore development cost advantage. The widget extended the reach of Uproar’s game play experience and propelled Uproar.com to the number one ranked game site from 1998 until it’s acquisition by Vivendi Universal in 2001. Syndicating content through a widget is not for traditional marketers who obsess over protecting the brand – which is probaby why Vivendi Universal killed it. But widgets are an ideal way to extend a site’s brand experience and engage and acquire users for the mother ship.

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