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Jajah Buttons: Widget badges for open calls on Myspace

September 27th, 2007

Jajah has just pumped up their VOIP service offerings even more spreading to blogs and websites fro today on by allowing you to place a jajah Button, a widget badge that replicates the service module that will be familiar to Jajah users.

This does shows how much ground jajah has won lately thinks in part to the now infamous Skype outage that made jajah new users and usage rates to skyrocket and put them beyond their proyected marks.

the offering of a widget for open calls does shows that they are confident in the uptime and quality of the service enough to go all for it because, as simple as it may sounds there are other services that sole angle is precisely that.

the widget works in the same way your main module in jajah dashboard works with the difference that in this case there is only one way, the place you are calling from, you choose the country and your number, push cal and jajah operator will call you and call the jajah user to provide the call to both.

Since i am a Jajah user myself i can say it does works as expected and that there are n surprises just yet, i will place my personal jajah button, don´t expect me to answer all calls, becausa jajah also allows me to fix the rates of the calls i want to recieve, set the countires and also even if i have agreed to recieve them, decline or send a busy message if i change my mind at any point of the process.

this is a everywhere widget (myspace,blog, website) done in flash and it can be customized complete in several color levels and sizes.

Jajah Buttons

FlickIM: Widget modules for your IM conversations

September 27th, 2007


In what started as a IM client for certain Apple branded phone now has evolved into a web Multi IM client of it´s own, there are a lot of those. but there is a interesting thing about FlickIM client, and that comes in the form of Modular widgets,allowing widget integration into, you can add widget  to what seems like a part start page, part meebo IM client and enjoy funtionality into the chats like having recomendation or links served from the widgets in your conversations, along other things to come.

09_27_2007 08_15 p.m.

I wish i could recommend you to flock over there and try it out alredy but the Im client leaves way too much to be desired, it has to come a long way before it can replace previous Meebo or KoolIM users or even new AIRtalker users.

But is a interesting angle to launch what previously was a iPhone AOL IM client and that is surely to be followed by others in the Web IM client niche.


World Visitors Map Widget

September 27th, 2007

A new map widget from

The World Visitors Map Widget uses a colorful and interactive map of the world to show which countries your site visitors are coming from. It tracks and pinpoints the location of every visitor to your site, then these results are added up and show up on your map as both a color and a number (on mouseover). The darker the color the more visitors you have from that country. Drill-down further by clicking on the continent, country, state or province.


Earn cash with Widgetbox and RockYou

September 27th, 2007

Widgetbox unveils devShare, a revenue sharing program for widgets


Widgetbox, the largest source of widgets on the web, has partnered with RockYou to offer revenue sharing for widget developers. RockYou will sell advertising in Facebook apps created with Widgetbox’s new ‘App Accelerator’. Developers will split the revenue 50/50 with Widgetbox.

The App Accelerator is designed to make creating Facebook apps straight forward and easy. Cool!

Here’s another entrant in the race to exploit Facebook. Yeah, you can make money with it, but you won’t strike it rich. Widgetbox will though!
I’m tired of Facebook apps at this point. Who has the time to sift through thousands of these things and finally find one that you like, just to discover that you really have no options and the thing doesn’t really appear to change the appearance of your profile. Remember the first generic foods in the grocery stores? Black and white labels that said things like ‘Beer’ and ‘Pretzels’. This is what I see when I am on Facebook looking at my profile. ‘Facebook profile #5441287…’ Blah.

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