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October 29th, 2007 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Alenty offers community with a ‘Hot or Not’ flare a French Web2.0 company, has developed code that determines influence that members have in a community. Then it creates a widget similar to the MyBlogLog visitors widget and displays community members in descending order based on their influence in the community.


This is almost reminiscent of the top commentators widget found on certain Word Press blogs. But with a distinctly different flare. The ‘Hot Scale’ reminds visitors and community members of a particular users influence in the community. Bringing these ‘members’ to the forefront encourages more involvement for the top people and gives lower standing members incentive to participate more.

At this point I can only assume that the widget is JavaScript based. The sign up process is simple until you get to the ‘add a site’ section. This is where it failed me. Maybe I am not filling out the proper fields or I could be using the wrong browser. The button that allows me to finalize the adding of WidgetsLab to the Alenty widget is grayed out.
So we are denied!

via Alenty winds funding for blog influence widget


  1. alones says:

    The widget seemds to be good. but I could not access the widget. I’m sorry I can not use it.

  2. The problem seems familiar

  3. Sorry I did not reply earlier, we were working on the wordpress plugin. It is now up and running. You can install it here:

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