Widget basics from Niall Kennedy

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What to do when considering creating a widget


Niall Kennedy, one of the leading authorities on widgets today, has written an excellent post regarding first steps in widget creation. This is very important for anyone that has widget aspirations. Many developers have the necessary skills to program these little wonders but they may lack some of the insight that comes from experience. This is where Niall’s post will come in handy.

Niall describes baby steps from the very beginning. Like considering a rest state for your widget (when it’s not doing anything) to custom user preferences. There is also consideration for data choices such as RSS info, XML and even plain text. He goes on to describe elements of the finished product and what to consider at this point.

Niall follows up with an insightful conclusion that could only come from someone that is passionate about widgets.

This is a must read for anyone considering widget creation and those already deep into widget development.

Widget Basics by Niall Kennedy

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